Inland Empire SAF

Position Statements

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) has a responsibility to anticipate, identify and define opportunities, problems and issues related to forest resources. The SAF’s “Forest Policy Guidebook” explains how the SAF takes positions on issues that contribute members’ professional knowledge to public deliberations on forestry issues.

Most forestry issues are covered by National SAF Position Statements.

SAF promotes policies that:

•  Encourage conservation of, or investment in, forest resources to satisfy future expectations,

•  Resolve conflicts about forest uses and forestland allocations to make future investments more secure,

•  Promote the equitable distribution of forest benefits to strengthen public support for forest resource conservation,   and

• Increase cooperation between and among foresters and forestry institutions throughout the world who are developing mutually beneficial approaches to these challenges.

Position statements on current issues draw from current knowledge and are reviewed by forest science and policy experts and the SAF’s governing council before being adopted.

Position statements generally expire after 5 years.

Position Statements:          

Professional forestry education in the state of Washington

Restoring and maintaining resilient landscapes

Working forests in Washington state


Jay O'Laughlin, IESAF Forest Policy Committee Chair