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AgForestry Leadership Program

2018 AgForestry Leadership Program

The Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation is tentatively (as of January 26, 2018) planning to accept applications for the highly regarded AgForestry Leadership Program during March and April 2018.

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Empowering Our Communities Through Leadership

Today's pressing issues demand strong, able, informed leaders who not only excel in their chosen professions, but also in the areas of communications, political savvy and issues management. The AgForestry Leadership program helps leaders face challenges with confidence. The AgForestry graduate network is an invaluable resource to address issues and solve problems.

Assuring Effective Leadership at Every Level

Our graduates provide leadership for the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries at the local, regional, state and national levels. They serve in the state legislature, on county commissions, on economic development councils, school boards, and on advisory committees to colleges and universities.

Providing Excellence in Leadership Training

The AgForestry Leadership Program offers an incredible array of outstanding seminars to help participants increase and expand their leadership skills - including two study travel seminars in the United States and internationally.

About the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation

The Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation was incorporated on December 16, 1977. Financial aid from the Kellogg Foundation assisted in the creation of the leadership program.

Over the last 35 years, this program has given board members, participants, and contributors opportunities to know and work with dedicated leaders across the state. As the first executive director, Art Peterson said, "Time will water the seeds we have planted and who can guess what the harvest will be."

The Foundation is currently supporting its 35th and 36th Leadership Classes. Throughout the years, institutions of higher learning and businesses in the agriculture and forestry industries have partnered with the Foundation to provide seminar coordinators, facilities, and speakers, resulting in a significant educational and financial contribution to the development of astute and well-trained leaders for the natural resource industries and rural communities of the state of Washington.


We are a leadership development organization dedicated to advancing the natural resource industries through enhanced understanding, education and empowerment of future leaders.


To be Washington’s premier service provider of leadership training and networking to support healthy natural resource industries.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Stewardship
  • Accountability
  • Education

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